Posted by: blazzerbg | 10 септември , 2005

CMD Tab-completion in Windows 2000

Might be the last one in the world to discover this W2K tweak, but just in case others are interested; here’s how to get „tab completion“ (famous from the unix world and also (I hear) now default in Windows XP command prompts) in Windows 2000:

  1. Hit the „Start“ button
  2. Select „Run“
  3. enter „regedit“, hit OK
  4. Expand „My computer“ (by clicking the little [+] beside it)
  6. Expand SOFTWARE
  7. Expand Microsoft
  8. Expand Command Processor
  9. Double-click „CompletionChar“
  10. Replace the value that’s there with 9 (which is the ASCII equivalent of the TAB key)
  11. Click OK

To enjoy, Hit the „Start“-button, then „Run“ then type „cmd“ and try typing cd Doc then hitting TAB… „Documents and Settings“ should autocomplete…

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